Isaiah Boldly Answers, Here I am! Send me

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Meet Isaiah, a man who was so bold that when called into service by God, he eagerly responded by saying, “Here I am! Send me.”Episode #22- Isaiah Boldly Answers, Here I am! Send me

On this podcast, we will learn about a man who was so bold that when called into service by God, he eagerly responded by saying, “Here I am! Send me.” Isaiah was a prophet of the Living God, ministering to the people in and around Jerusalem in the southern kingdom of Judah. His prophetic ministry spans 53 years, from 739 BC to 686 BC. Over the years, he was a chief advisor to several kings, although they rarely listened to him. He often rebuked the wealthy and powerful for dodging their responsibilities, but he also called the common people to be obedient to God’s commandments.

His name means “The Lord is salvation.” Isaiah was born around the year 710 BC. He wrote an entire book of the Old Testament bearing his name. You can also read about him in 2 Kings 19-20 and in many verses throughout the New Testament. As was common back in those days, Isaiah told the people how he received his calling from the Lord, which you can read in Isaiah chapter 6. He is told that few would respond to his preaching; however, Isaiah was not dissuaded and served the Lord wholeheartedly anyway. Isaiah understood that the outcome is God’s responsibility. His responsibility was to do as the Lord instructs and leave the results up to Him.

Listen in to find out what we can learn from this great yet humble prophet of God that we can apply to our lives as believers.

Next week- Please join us next week when we explore the life of a man of such integrity that even a den full of hungry lions couldn’t devour him.

Resources referenced or recommended for further study:

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