Maintaining Momentum Through the Homeschool Year

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Maintaining Momentum through the Homeschool Year - with Homeschool Highschool PodcastThere really is a rhythm to the homeschool year, and whether you school according to a traditional academic year (Sept. – May) or follow your own schedule, the rhythms are helpful to recognize. Every homeschool family hits moments of “stuck,” and it’s encouraging to recognize the natural rhythms that can help you get unstuck without anyone getting too frustrated with anyone else. Here are the months of the traditional academic year with notes on the rhythm that tends to match them as a starting point:

August : Gear up! Everyone feels excited. This year is going to be the best ever!

September: We are establishing the year. We are creating good habits and schedules that will be good for all of us.

October: We are in the swing of things. This feels good. We are getting stuff done.

November: Umm…that part’s not working like we thought it would. Can we change it? Is it okay to make adjustments?

December: Isn’t it Christmas yet? Can’t we play???

January: Come on, y’all. We need to wrap our heads around how to make this school year a success. We got this.

February: Okay, new strategies are working pretty well, but I keep finding myself thinking about how much fun it will be NEXT year when we __________ (fill in the blank).

March: Are we really this close the year-end? Oh, my! But we haven’t done a thing yet about ___________ (fill in the blank)!

April: Get ‘er done. Get ‘er done. Get ‘er done.

May: Hurry up! Finish up! We are SO close!

June: Woot!

July: So, next year calls for…

Maintaining momentum through the homeschool year means first recognizing that inspiration and positivity ebb and flow. It’s just the way humans respond to tasks that take a long time to accomplish. It’s okay that you and your kids don’t wake up every day ready to conquer the educational world!

Mom sets the tone in most homeschools. Yes, that can be a heavy mantle to wear, but it’s true for most families. When we are discouraged, our kids pick up on it. When we PRETEND to be positive when we are not in reality, our kids pick up on it. Having honest conversations is good for everyone in the house.

Setting long-term goals and then turning them into short-term goals by scheduling backwards from the deadline (here’s a free download that can help with Scheduling Backwards) will often get the ball rolling. Parents and students working together to set goals and evaluate progress is healthy for all!

Making time for fun, meaningful conversation outside of the normal homeschool setting can help students and parents remember the long-term goals, agree on the short-term goals that will get them there, and celebrate all that has been accomplished thus far. Try taking a drive in the car and talking there, or going out for a quick bite and talking in a restaurant. Your students want to succeed and so do you; see if you can join forces to tackles the distractions and frustrations that are common to all and come out the other side victorious. You really CAN find yourselves maintaining momentum through the homeschool year!

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Maintaining Momentum through the Homeschool Year - with Homeschool Highschool Podcast

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