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MBFLP - Homeschool Research 2015

This episode Hal talks with Dr. Brian Ray, founder and lead researcher for the National Home Education Research Institute. This year’s release of the landmark Gen2 Survey uncovered a number of unexpected facts about Millennials who were raised “in church” and are now adults. Hal and Dr. Ray start with the most significant, surprising finding of this research, and talk about the implications for our family life decisions. Recorded live at the HSLDA National Leadership Conference in Dallas.


  1. This was so encouraging. I can’t tell you what an awesome thing it was to hear that not only the father’s but also the mother’s role is important and influential. Thank you!

  2. Very interesting! Wondering though, in years to come how things will change. There is such a large variety of homeschool classes & activities to put kids in, almost too many. We chosen very few over the years. Now that we are homeschooling our jr high and high schoolers we are noticing changes in our children’s peers due to too much socialization with their peers and it’s not for the better. Your question later in the broadcast confirmed we aren’t the only ones noticing this.
    Thank you again for this encouraging broadcast.

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