A Remnant of Righteousness

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A Remnant of Righteousness

with Anne Marie Gosnell

Anne Marie Gosnell Mommy Jammies Night with Gina Glenn A Remnant of Righteousness


Join Anne Marie as she focuses on moms being leaders of the remnant. We will dig into the book of Judges and pop into Ruth as we discuss teaching ethics and sanctification to our kids. Let’s make sure they know the WHY and the HOW of being a Christian.

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Show notes:

The Remnant of Righteousness


  • Look up Judges 2.
  • Story of futureflyingsaucers.com name
  • Disclaimer to moms – Surround yourself with mercy and grace.


  • Set the stage from Joshua
  • Why does the oppression in Judges happen?
  • It only takes 1 generation
  • Cycle of sin


  • God always has a remnant no matter how dark and oppressed the world gets.
  • There was “something” about Naomi
  • What a blessing Ruth was to her generation and to those afterwards

Remnant of Righteousness Still Exists

  • Average Christian Life vs Normal Christian Life
  • Your WHY + HOW = WHAT

How Do We Teach the WHY and HOW to our Kids?

  • Isaiah 30:21
  • Shadow Stepping
  • Ephesians 5


Connect with Anne Marie:

Anne Marie has a graduate degree in education with a focus on developing curriculum and instruction. Her life journey includes over 25 years (so far!) in Children’s Ministry: Sunday School, Puppetry, Vacation Bible School, Children’s Church, Awana Bible Teacher, and various outreach ministries. She is the founder of www.futureflyingsaucers.com where she shares creative, engaging resources so parents and teachers can share Jesus without fear.

Anne Marie’s blog: http://www.futureflyingsaucers.com/christian-parenting-the-remnant-of-righteousness/



  1. Candee Spalding says

    Wish I could hear the podcast but am deaf?

    • Candee – we are working on transcribing our podcasts! My uncle was deaf (I grew up with him, he lived with us when I was a child) and I use to know sign language! Haven’t practiced in a long time!

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