Solomon was a Wise and Foolish King

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Explore the reign of Solomon - a man who was both a wise and a foolish king; the wisest man who ever lived, yet lacked discernment.Episode #19- Solomon was a Wise and Foolish King

This episode explores the reign of a man who was both a wise and a foolish king. Proclaimed, in fact, as the wisest man who ever lived. But, despite his vast, God-given wisdom, he lacked discernment and disobeyed the Lord. Who was this king?

Solomon, his name meaning, “peace,” the third and final king of Israel; son of David and Bathsheba. King David appointed Solomon as his successor just before his death even though he was not the eldest of his sons. Solomon inherited a kingdom that was well managed and stable with none of the countries that surrounded them strong enough to cause concern. His 40 year reign was marked by peace in the region with only a few occasions of unrest, and he expanded his control from Egypt to the Euphrates River. During his lifetime, Solomon wrote the Book of Proverbs, the Song of Songs, and the Book of Ecclesiastes.

Though he was just a youth, Solomon still realized the enormous task that lay ahead of him as a new king. When the Lord gave him the chance to ask Him for anything he wanted, King Solomon asked for wisdom. God gave that to him and wealth and honor besides. Crystal and Kevin then share two examples of ways he proved his wisdom and love for the Lord during his long reign.

However, as great and wise as Solomon was, he had a major flaw. During the course of his reign, Solomon married many foreign women for personal gratification and likely as a political move to secure his power and ensure stability in the region. Of Solomon, we read this Nehemiah 13:46, “. . . He was loved by his God, and God made him king over all Israel, but even he was led into sin by foreign women.” Even the wisest man had weaknesses, as we all do, and it was at those unguarded points that the devil was able to trip him up and entice him into sin.

Be sure to listen in to the podcast to find out what we can learn from Solomon and apply to our own lives as believers.

Next week- Please join Crystal and Kevin next week for the story of a man who disappeared in a whirlwind!.

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