Stop Overreacting! It’s Not That Loud!

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#20_StopOverreactingItsNotThatLoud_handoutStop Overreacting Its Not That LoudStop Overreacting! It’s Not That Loud!

Episode #20

Stop Overreacting! It’s Not That Loud!

Have you ever been really frustrated with your child’s reaction to sound?  Have you been troubled by his ability to understand what you are saying?  Has it crossed your mind that you might need to get her hearing checked?  If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then this podcast is for you.

There really is a reason why children do the things they do.  They are all looking to meet a need. In the case of the previous questions, it is a need to protect themselves from the overstimulation to the auditory sensory system.  Covering ears, displaying fears and phobias, having trouble sleeping and many other strange behaviors could be reactions to hypersensitivity to sound.  One’s sensory system can tolerate a certain amount of stimulation and then it becomes painful.  Yes, I said painful.

Real pain is experienced when the sensory system is on overload.  In this episode, Jan Bedell, Little Giant Steps’ Brain Coach, will discuss with guest Ruth Young the challenges experienced when the brain hears too much.  They will also discuss tonal processing issues. These issues often manifest themselves in situations like when children think you said one thing, but you really said something different.  Imagine how hard it is to navigate through a world that at times sounds like a foreign language.

Strategies will be discussed to reduce or eliminate the sensory overload and distortions often found in children diagnosed with Autism or Sensory Integration Disorder.  In the coming weeks, Jan will also bring to the podcast solutions for sensory issues like hypersensitivity to touch and visual hypersensitivity.



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