10 Ways to Share Your Testimony

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10 Ways to share your testimony. Today I’m joined by Josh and Rachelle Brewer, who are the CEO and Youth Center Director of Life Light.10 Ways to Share Your Testimony

Today I’m joined by Josh and Rachelle Brewer, who are the CEO and Youth Center Director of Life Light. Life Light is a ministry that takes the church outside the walls, using music and event venues and more to evangelize and witness to the good news of the Gospel! Life Light started in 1998 with a Music Festival after founder Alan Green read that 70% of the people in his city did not attend church. The mission of Life Light is to take church outside the walls!

“Live a faith so bold that your life demands an explanation!”

In this podcast, we’re talking with the Brewers, who are full time evangelists, with a particular heart to reach Gen Z. How do we share the Gospel and how do we teach our kids to do the same?

  1. Be intentional
  2. Pray for opportunities
  3. Practice a “1 minute witness” Keep it simple.
  4. Ask people this simple question, “What is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to you,” as a way to then share the amazing transformation that God has done in your life.
  5. Plant seeds – share so that people are curious and want to know more.
  6. Don’t overthink things – meet people at their level
  7. Listen to the heart of other
  8. Love people- have empathy for their situation, ideas and thoughts about God and religion
  9. Breath life- have a heart and passion for people – LOVE them.
  10. Meet people on their level

How to witness specially to family members

  1. Authenticity- live out what you are saying. Be consistent
  2. Live your faith in a transparent way
  3. Invite unsaved family members to “easy” situations- Music Festivals, etc.
  4. Be Bold, but don’t be in a hurry- ask questions, listen, and ask the next question.

“The worst thing to say to a warrior is that there is a battle going on and you’re not invited.”

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