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Hi friends, Tina here from Luma Learn. Like you, I’m a homeschooling mama myself. I was recently reminiscing about my personal homeschool journey and thinking about all the mistakes I’ve made while homeschooling my children. Having 7 little blessings from almost 17 years old down to 4 years old, I’ve definitely made my fair share of mistakes! Although I’ve made lots, I’m going to share with you 5 of the biggest homeschooling mistakes I’ve made. If there’s one thing we homeschooling mamas do well, it’s relate to other people’s feeling of failure!

Top 5 Homeschooling Mistakes to Avoid from Luma Learn - plus a great giveaway!  #giveaway #homeschool #mistakes


Feeling Like I Had To Do Everything in One Year

Can anyone relate? It certainly is a blessing that homeschooling has grown so much that we now have lots and lots of opportunities available to us that weren’t there previously. But, Moms, sometimes too many opportunities can be a curse. Ever have a year where you felt as though you spent the majority of your days in the car? I’ve felt like that and often longed for more regular days (as I would call them) where we weren’t obligated to go anywhere and the children could simply get their school work done that they needed to.

I realized over many years that the “ultimate” wasn’t really all it’s cracked up to be. I wrote a blog post on this exact subject and thought it might help you consider some things about time management for this school year…and beyond!


Allowing Education to Become an Idol

Oh man, this one was a doozy! Do you ever find yourself asking, “Why am I doing this again?”

I’m sure many of us are familiar with Deuteronomy 6:6-7 which tells us to diligently teach “these words” to our children when we sit in our houses and walk by the way and lie down and rise. Hmm…that’s an awful long time…as in, the ENTIRE day!

What exactly is it that we’re supposed to teach our children? God wants us to teach them His word. Our primary goal should be to instill upright living in our children, but oftentimes, academic goals begin to trump our spiritual goals.

I’ve definitely been guilty of this one! In fact, Zuli and I had a conversation on the Luma Lounge about this. The Luma Lounge is our new avenue to encourage homeschool moms. It’s just 2 homeschool moms chatting about mom issues that affect all of us. Have a watch


Searching and Searching for the Perfect Curriculum

In the past, I have spent countless hours scouring websites, attending homeschool conventions, and perusing various curriculums. I’ve spent way more money than I should have, and to top it all off, I still felt as though I didn’t have the right curriculum!

I was nervous, upset, and frustrated. I felt as though others knew things that I didn’t. Have you felt like that? Well I’m here to tell you that you should not worry! Take courage and read this blog post from Luma Learn’s Zuli Paulus-Rosenow.



I Tried to Teach Everyone the Same

Do you feel like you’re beating your head against a wall trying to teach one of your children? Perhaps you’re not considering their learning style. Many of us have multiple children, and if there’s one thing we know rather well, it’s that each child is different!

Well not only is each child different, but oftentimes their learning styles are completely different as well. In my homeschooling journey, I had heard of the three learning styles (auditory, visual, and kinesthetic), but I never fully understood it all until I experienced it.

Zuli and I chatted about this in another Luma Lounge episode recently. Have a watch



I Tried To Do It All On My Own

Years ago I realized that I was striving to be wonder woman, both in my home and in my homeschooling. I realized that my pride prevented me from utilizing great resources that were out there because I thought I could do something better myself.

It hit me one day that if we truly believe that God has gifted every individual with unique talents, then why not utilize other people in our children’s education? Our children actually gain wonderful insights when learning from others who are passionate about their area of expertise. So whether that’s a co-op, online class, or local organization, make sure to glean from other’s talents!

I truly hope that by reading my personal struggles you’ve been encouraged to continue on your own challenging journey. We all make mistakes; homeschooling is not for the faint of heart. We can do this, Moms! We’re in it together, and there’s always other moms out there who know exactly how we feel.



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Last but not least, we want Luma Learn to be a hub of encouragement for homeschooling moms.  We all need support, and it’s so good to just hear that encouraging word to press on, keep going, don’t give up!  We’d love to have you follow us on social media as well as subscribe to our list so that we can support you on this journey.



Top 5 Homeschooling Mistakes to Avoid from Luma Learn - plus a great giveaway!  #giveaway #homeschool #mistakes

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