5 Reasons Why Homeschool High School Works

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5 Reasons why homeschooling high school works

From the Homeschool High School Podcast

Homeschooling teens all the way to graduation actually works! While you may know families who have been successful, you may not understand WHY homeschooling high school is a solid choice for many families.

Here are 5 reasons why homeschool high school works well for lots of teens

1.Teens have so many resources for academics.

High school academic work does not need to be tackled independently. Perhaps a generation ago high school work was overwhelming for some families to cover at home, but no longer! Homeschool high schoolers can choose from traditional or innovative texts, co-ops, online classes, community college courses, and more. Finding a teacher who has expertise in a field that confuses mom is easy with the internet at your fingertips.

2. Teens are able to take ownership of much of their high school experience.

A healthy component of becoming an independent adult is gradually taking on more and more personal ownership in life, accomplishing tasks and reaching goals without someone older guiding every baby-step of the process. Homeschooling high school provides an arena in which this process can unfold. Teens help set goals at the beginning of the school year, learn to manage their time wisely, learn to track their progress, and reach goals without micro-management that impedes healthy independence.

3.  Teens are able to explore callings, passions and career paths.

With less busywork, teens have time to dream, to explore the arts, to pursue athletics, to volunteer with groups that interest them. The freer schedule of homeschool high school gives teens the space in which to find out more about the passions God has placed in their hearts, the careers they might want to pursue, and the callings God has for them in relationship to Him and to others.

4.  Teens have time for personal development and character building.

Homeschool high school works well for teens who need some quiet encouragement to develop personal discipline, to more deeply understand their faith, to wrestle with weaknesses of character that could become strengths if given some time and attention. The opportunity to choose titles for the book list that encourage good character building is a wonderful benefit available to homeschoolers. Mentoring relationships can be fostered during the teen years, yielding fruit that lasts a lifetime.

5.  Teens are able to tailor the high school years toward life after graduation.

Homeschool high school can be tailored to the teen’s plans for after graduation. If a teen is college-bound in a highly competitive academic major, coursework and field-related opportunities can be selected that will set teens in a prime position for acceptance to the university of their choice…perhaps even with scholarship money attached! Career-bound teens can pass on high-level maths and sciences that may serve no purpose in their greater plans, investing that time instead in pursuits that make them stronger candidates in the work field of their choice. Electives in high school provide a wonderful space for tailoring teens’ education to their plans after high school graduation.

There’s not ONE right way to homeschool high school, but there are lots of reasons why homeschool high school works well for so many varied types of families!

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