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This week Lisa Nehring is joined by Adam Pruzan to share why the Time has come for Conservatives to Become Politically ActiveThe Time has come for Conservatives to Become Politically Active!


True North Homeschool Academy Director Lisa Nehring is joined by one Adam Pruzan. Adam has worked at high levels of public policy and has read every Senate brief since the 80’s. He currently works as a consultant and investment manager and teachers at True North Homeschool Academy


Today, we take a brief look at history and how it informs the political situation of today, and what a reasoned response might look like.


In the Roman Republic the strong middle class gave way to a ruling empire. The strong middle class is what made Rome strong and kept it a Republic. Once the middle class dissipated, Roman became an Empire.


In the 1850’s the south went to war to protect its feudal aristocracy.

The mid 1950’s was the zenith of the middle class in America. But the 1970’s- 1990’s America found two sources of cheap labor.

  1. Illegal immigrants – mostly from Mexico
  2. China

Both of whom worked for below market value. This has gutted the middle class and empowered the wealthy. The Globalists have become a class of Lords and knights.


Aristotle points out that the middle class is the most stable and a good regime because of its moral virtue.


We should look to Brazil- the presidential election was won by a leftist candidate, a convicted felon, while the popular, loved President has been ousted.


What will stem the tide of liberal globalism? We have 3 choices.

  1. Simply surrender.
  2. Political activism**
  3. Become Slaves

** such as exhibited during the Civil Rights movement under Dr. MLK.

Under the democrats, the intellect is dead.


Turning Point USA
The Federalist

American Greatness

Victor David Hanson


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He will also be teaching World History- Strategy: War and Peace a 1 credit Honors level class, limited to 12 students. Students will learn why countries go to war, stay at peace and how to think critically and sort through propaganda and politics.


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