ADD/ADHD A Drug Free Solution

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ADD - ADHDADD/ADHD A Drug Free Solution with Dr. Jan Bedell

Podcast #15

Show Notes: ADD/ADHD A Drug-Free Solution

The labels ADD/ADHD are symptomatic labels.  In other words, there is not a blood test or brain scan used to diagnosis an individual with this label.  Typically, there is a list of symptoms or a checklist filled out by the family and the diagnosing professional.  As a NeuroDevelopmentalist, it is deemed important to explore all the possible causes of the symptoms instead of just giving a label.  Here we discuss three main areas that cause symptoms of ADD/ADHD: metabolic (chemistry of the body), neurodevelopmental, and how the individual reacts to stress.  Our experience has proven that by addressing the root causes, the symptoms diminish and often disappear altogether.  This produces a drug-free solution with the help of whitesands ammenities to an ever growing problem of children and adults being labeled with ADD and ADHD. Some grow up and become addicted to drugs which needs immediate care and rehab near riverside can help with this.

Next week, we will cover more root causes in each of these strategic categories.  Be sure to tune in to the next episode to get a better understanding of why the symptoms of ADD/ADHD are so prevalent in our society today.  With a little knowledge and some consistent effort, this epidemic can be turned around.

Be sure to get the handout attached here!  ADD symptom handout

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