Adopted: Isn’t Love Enough?

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Adopted: Isn't Love Enough? from The Brain CoachThank you adoptive parents!  You are all heroes for taking on the challenge of raising adopted children!  You know that heroes go through hard things to get that “hero” recognition and I would dare say that most, if not all of you, qualify as having done hard things. Many of you were prepared for the difficulty that adopted children go through and hoped that love would be enough, especially when the child was adopted at a very young age and sometimes right from the hospital at birth.

Adopted: Isn’t Love Enough?

In this Brain Coach Tip, you will learn what happens to the brain when there is trauma.  All children that are adopted have gone through the trauma of abandonment and rejection at the very least (even if they were adopted at birth) and often much more trauma than that.  When there is trauma, there are chemicals released in the brain to allow the person to stay alive but these chemicals cause damage to the neural circuitry. This damage can cause emotional, behavioral and academic struggles. The good news is that the brain pathways that were damaged can be rebuilt with specific stimulation.  God can do miracles and often does, but typically to regain overall health after trauma, love just isn’t enough. This week, learn about resources that can help you address some of the root causes of these issues to gain a happier, healthier individual. 

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