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being a momEvery wonder what’s it like to be a mom? Probably not – because you already are one. As a homeschooler – by definition – you have a child you school. Or in the case of a lady I met recently, a niece and nephew she homeschools. Being a mom is something that comes naturally for many, but not for me.


I know, I have five kids. I am a teacher. I have a certification in Early Childhood Education. I should be a natural.

Let’s just say it started out a bit bumpy. Coming from the classroom back into the home was an adjustment to say nothing of having one year under my belt as a married woman. The switch from work to home was not as easy as I hoped. I was in a new town with no friends. I really poured everything into my husband and my child. I didn’t even put him down during naps! (My son, not my husband!) Talk about spoiled.

Fast forward many years later and now as a mom of five and grandmother of six I have many more years of experience and believe me I wish I could go back and turn the clock way into the past. There are so many things I’d like to do over. How about you?

Do you have regrets? Are there things you’d like to change?

Now is the time! Each day is a new day with the Lord – it is a time to wake up each morning and give your burdens to HIM who is so much bigger than you or I will ever be. DO the best you can – I love Joshua 24:15 –

What is your biggest struggle being a mom? How can I help?


  1. Glad to make it to one of these. The time difference is a challenge. Consistency and being a great role model for my 11 year-old is a constant challenge.
    Looking forward to this – Gay

    • mediaangels says

      Gay! Hi! Waving – so glad to have you here and reconnect. I will pray for you and your son and your relationship!!

  2. My biggest struggle is having the patience to deal with everyone wanting a piece of me throughout a day almost from the time my feet hit the floor until I lay my head down at night. I feel like I’m being strung out to the point that there’s hardly anything left of me. I beg for God’s strength and help with patience every day.

  3. Judith Martinez says

    Right now my biggest challenge is parenting 1000 miles away from my husband. Being separated like this has been hard on all of us. Until recently we had no idea when we were going to be reunited. Now we have plane tickets for Apr. 30 but we’ll be going home to a 2 bedroom apt. where the children will be expected to be very quiet and not disturb anyone in order for us to be allowed to live there.

    • mediaangels says

      Oh, Judith – my heart goes out to you … so happy to hear you will be reunited and pray the Lord gives you an opportunity to get a place of your own soon!

  4. The hardest thing for me is allowing my children to fail and suffer consequences. They make choices and need to help accountable. I want them to understand and agree with me, but so often that won’t happen. I pray that eventually they will learn and grow. That is another area I struggle is praying for my children and truly trusting God for all they need.

  5. Love Mommy Jammie Nights and have missed so many over the past few months. Love being a mother but sometimes I wonder how I can slow the clock down, other days I just want them over. This has been a rough year but God has seen us through, just in time. Being a mother is a challenge but I’m so thankful that God will be right there with us. Love you Felice and so thankful that God brought you into my family’s life.

    • mediaangels says

      You are a blessing to me as well, Orilla – you’ve made my life richer just knowing you and your precious family!

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