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brain coach tipsBrain Coach Tips with Jan Bedell  PhD, M ND


Brain Coach Tips: Changes Lives 

Learn a little of the journey that brought Jan from a desperate mom needing help for her own daughter with learning struggles to being known as the Brain Coach helping thousands of families reach their full potential. Whether you have a typically developing, gifted or struggling learner, you will begin to be empowered with brain enhancing information that will make your families’ life brighter. You will enjoy this episode as well as many more on the “Brain Coach Tips Podcast.”


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Key Points: Brain Coach Tips

  • Historical perspective about Home Schooling
  • How God brings victory from heartache
  • Free auditory processing test kit that will help functional, behavioral and academic abilities
  • Assurances that you really can home school no matter what learning challenges you are facing
  • How to think differently and more strategically about your home school


  1. Hi Jan, my name is Michelle and my child I’m calling about his name is Cooper, he’s 15 and this year we have come to the understanding that he has autism we were told he had autism when he was 10 but it wasn’t severe and I didn’t know what to look for so in my ignorance I didn’t think he actually did . We are currently trying to find someone who can give us an official diagnosis but the special ed teacher at school said she really does think he has it anyhow my question is this he’s a freshman in high school he’s doing seventh grade teaching textbooks math and he says he just cannot do it it’s just too much too hard and I was wondering if you have any suggestions . He is very frustrated he’s struggling at all his school not just math but math seems to be the thing that he really does not understand. He does excel in technology with computers and things but he’s lacking drive right now I believe that is due to his frustration.

    • HI Michelle,
      I not sure if you really want an official diagnosis or if what you really want is help for your son. You might listen to the podcast about To Label or Not to Label for some help with that question. The NeuroDevelopmental Approach can certainly help you find the root causes of his struggles and give you activities to help him function better. One thing you might start to do right away is to have the Teaching Textbooks program give him INPUT. The way you do this is by intentionally getting the problem wrong. Have him put in “0” for the answer and click “show me” for every other problem in each lesson even if he thinks he can do it on his own. This input will build his confidence and give him the input he needs to get the problem correct in the future.

      For help with other activities you can do to help his function, go to Someone will get back with you with some suggestions about where to start after we receive your survey.

      Jan Bedell

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