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Choose to Homeschool | Veteran homeschool mom Lisa Nehring is joined by her child, who was entirely homeschooled, Kendra Nehring, and her husband, who was public schooled, to talk about their decision to homeschool their kids| #homeschoolpodcast, #whyhomeschool #truenorthacademy #homeschool #onlineschool #choosetohomeschool #homeschoolrocksChoose to Homeschool

Today, Lisa Nehring, True North Homeschool Academy Director, sits down with one of her adult kids who was entirely homeschooled, Kendra Nehring, and her husband, who was public schooled, to talk about their decision to homeschool their kids.

Tony went entirely through the public school system and won a national award, including a full-ride vo-tech scholarship through the “SkillsUSA” program. While it might look like this is a win for public schools, Tony describes this as more of his will to overcome. As a high-energy person, he was put on Ritalin at age 4. He was bullied due to a speech impediment. He also went to some very rough schools that he felt got in the way of actual learning.

Why Choose to Homeschool?

Homeschooling allows the parent to

  1. Customize the students’ education.
  2. Control the influence of bullying.
  3. Allow kids’ attention spans to develop naturally and to focus on areas of interest. High-energy kids get the breaks that they need.
  4. Parents get to learn right alongside the kids.
  5. Homeschooling allows you to work harder for your kids because you are taking the intentional route.
  6. Develops an awesome connection to and with your kids as you live and work alongside each other!
  7. You get to see kids grow up in real time. Public school kids can be gone from home for up to 10-12 hours a day, with the school day, travel time, and extracurricular activities.
  8. You get to develop amazing communication habits and skills in your kids. People don’t know how to talk anymore, and homeschooling allows you to interact face-to-face without distractions.
  9. There is a growing stigma against kids in society. Homeschooling allows you to nurture and protect your kids as they grow and develop and witness to others as you include your kids in your activities and outings.
  10. You get to learn and grow together! Taking field trips and visiting historic sites and science museums together develops everyone’s love of learning- you develop a lifestyle of learning together!

Tony & Kendra’s advice to others who choose to homeschool are:

  1. Give yourself Grace- don’t be hard on yourself as you figure out homeschooling for your family.
  2. Don’t overcomplicate things. You can go at the pace that suits you and your kids.
  3. Follow the Bunny Trails – they can take you on lifelong adventures!

Cat’s in the Cradle

Beautiful Feet History of the Horse Study

Beautiful Feet Holling C Holling Study

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