Courses Our Teens Actually Liked

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This week on Homeschool Highschool Podcast: Courses Our Teens Actually Liked


Courses Our Teens Actually Liked

Courses Our Teens Actually Liked

As homeschool parents, we know that not every subject will capture our children’s interest, but finding courses that they genuinely enjoy can make the learning experience more engaging and memorable. So, let’s dive into the various types of courses our teens have loved, fro

m co-op settings and extracurricular activities to individual exploration and more.

Co-op and Group Classes

Our teens had a number of courses the loved in co-op and group classes. Here are a few:

Human Development

One of the our homeschool high schoolers’ favorite co-op classes is worldview. Our kids had a blast with this course. It covers how humans grow and change from womb to old age- not just physically but also, emotionally, cognitively and socially. 

The curriculum offered engaging activities and fostered deep conversations about personal growth, relationships, and even our own experiences as teenagers. It was a surprise to see how this course created new connections and built stronger relationships between us and our teens. Human Development also was a perfect topic for fun learning activities and videos. (We captured these in the Lesson Plans for Human Development.)

Not only that, there is a free syllabus for Human Development to adapt to your co-op needs.


Teens need to ask questions! That need led to another course that our teens enjoyed in a group setting: Philosophy in Four Questions. The textbook as written at the request of our local homeschoolers by Dr. Micah Tillman (big brother to one of the requesters). This course provided a framework for asking questions and encouraged deep thinking. The tone of the curriculum made our teens feel respected and treated as peers. The group setting made the discussions engaging and allowed our teens to explore ideas.

Here is a free syllabus for Philosophy in Four Question.

Extracurricular Format

In addition to traditional courses, our teens had the opportunity to explore their interests through extracurricular activities. For example, drama camps and theater classes provided a unique and enjoyable learning experience. 

Through these activities, our teens developed skills in public speaking, time management, and teamwork. Drama camps also created a culture of civility, where respect and encouragement were prioritized, fostering deep relationships and personal growth- our teens called drama camp: The week that has meaning!

Electives and Specialized Courses

Electives play a crucial role in a well-rounded homeschool education. One of our teens’ favorite electives was photography. When our daughter’s interest in photography outgrew what we could provide, we enrolled her in a local community college’s photography program. This experience not only allowed her to pursue her passion but also earned her a certificate and extra scholarships when she pursued photography in college.

We found that specialized courses from reputable resources like The Great Courses offered high-level instruction through DVDs. Our teens engaged with subjects like anatomy and physiology and nutrition, gaining valuable knowledge that was applicable to their personal lives and interests. These courses provided expert instruction without the need for extensive textbook reading.

Online courses are a great way for homeschool high schoolers to earn elective credits. Some of our favorite sources for electives online include:

Individualized Learning

Sometimes, the most meaningful courses are the ones tailored to our teens’ specific interests and curiosities. For instance, one of our teens delved into the history of church music, conducting an independent research project (and then that year’s APA research paper).

This individualized learning experience allowed them to explore their passion and earn a credit in the history of church music, showcasing their dedication and personal growth.

Courses Teens Actually Liked

As homeschooling parents, it’s important to foster a love for learning in our teens. By incorporating courses that align with their interests and providing opportunities for hands-on experiences, we can make their high school journey more engaging and enjoyable. 

Whether through co-op classes, extracurricular activities, interesting electives, or individualized learning, there are countless ways to tailor their education to their unique strengths and passions.

Remember, not every course will resonate with your teen, and that’s okay. The key is to find a balance between core subjects and courses they genuinely enjoy. By doing so, you’ll create a positive learning environment and help them develop a lifelong love for learning.

If you’re seeking inspiration for courses your teen might love, be sure to check out the curriculum offerings at Our curriculum has been created and tested by homeschooling families, ensuring engaging and enjoyable learning experiences for your teens.


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