Create a Positive Learning Environment, Part 2

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Behavior modification is theCreating a Positive Learning Environment topic of many books, ministries and websites, so it can be confusing terrain for parents.  Disciplining children with learning issues or low auditory processing can sometimes be challenging, and take extra thought and attention. But no matter what the state of the child, a behavior management system is necessary to curb the sin nature we were all born with. For your behavior system to be effective it has to do two things: 1) equip you with a way to stay calm and not get “hooked” by the child’s negative behavior, and   2) give the child a reason to be self-disciplined that is so effective that they don’t ever want to suffer the consequence of their negative behavior ever again.  How do you do those things?

My Brain Coach Tip: consider all the reasons for a negative environment that were brought up in and take to heart, pray about and implement the token/grace points economy that is recommended in part 2.

Gone can be the days of counting to three, raising your voice, and still not getting the cooperation that you need.

Don’t miss the handout attached here with specific notes, graphics and examples of what I am talking about in this episode.


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