Creating a Drama Free Team!

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Today I'm joined by Felice Gerwitz, who has a wealth of practical information  and wisdom when it comes to working efficiently and drama free!Today I am joined by Felice Gerwitz, owner of Media Angles, The Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network and the Christian Podcast Network, as well as host of The Vintage Homeschool Moms podcast. Felice has managed a large family and teams for many years and is a wealth of practical information  and wisdom when it comes to working efficiently and drama free!

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How do we keep our workplaces drama free?

  1. Pray for good team members. Let God guide you.
  2. Make sure your teams shares your passion and your vision.
  3. Let others know what to expect.
  4. Let others know what to expect
  5. Be open to input
  6. Require co-workers to sign a nondisclosure- This lets people know you are serious
  7. Make your expectations clear from the beginning
  8. Break up your workload
  9. Don’t be authoritarian
  10. Keep your team briefed so they know what is going on. Have a team schedule
  11. Remember it is not always someone else’s fault, things happen
  12. Be polite when problems come up
  13. Be willing to negotiate assigned tasks if you are able


Take good care of yourself as well:

  • Keep office hours that you don’t work outside of
  • Establish a routine for yourself you keep
  • Felice is done by 3:00, then works out, showers, and reads
  • Everyone should block out reading time
  • Never lose your zeal
  • Life is too short to get upset over a deal that won’t work out. If it doesn’t match your mission, disengage, even if you lose money on it.
  • Don’t put people in a box
  • Live as the light
  • Set parameters
  • Be the bigger person
  • Appreciate your team
  • Family is about team work


Ultimate Homeschool Blueprint- through Media Angels

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