Creation Summer Camp

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Creation Summer Camp

Just thinking about summer creation camp brings a smile to my face. I never attended one as a child, but I sure put in my time at many church summer camp events. What I found was the children had a blast, the parents were happy with the faith-based content and safe environment with their children, the teens received volunteer service hours, and the adults who taught these classes became exhausted by the end of the day.

Listen to my podcast on Creation Summer Camp here (of course you can do a Creation Camp whenever you wish!) or to purchase the digital product go to

Fast forward, I wanted to teach my young children about the wonders of God’s creation and have this mini-camp at home. I enlisted my daughter Christina and her college friend, Amy to help write the curriculum based on the days of Creation, with a goal of doing this in one week. The girls tested the activities out on my younger three children and we managed to make adjustments as needed. One thing I wanted them to do is to create a spread sheet with a detailed list of all the items need and the quantities. And, we included these in our digital kits.

The creation camp was a success! One year at the state conference where I spoke we put together the entire thing in a box ready to go. These kits contained everything a family needed including the markers, colored sand, and even the glue. There were short experiments and fun activities that went along with each Creation Day.

The  Creation Summer Camp Contains:

  1. Student Manual
  2. Parent Manual
  3. List of Supplies

The kit is in digital format and it has all of the experiments and activities ready to print out for the kids. You can print as many as you want for an individual family (if you want permission for a camp please contact me felicegerwitz @

Creation Summer Camp Supplies:

Creation It takes about an hour to make your list of things you should buy. Most of the supplies are things you have at home, paper, pencils and pens, markers or crayons, and liquid glue. Other things will take a list of easy-to-find supplies. For example, there is an activity that demonstrates that the animals left footprints on the wet surfaces and we do this with a flat sugar cookie and animal crackers. You may have this in your home so that is great. We also use droppers for water, but a straw works the same way but can be a little harder to use without letting too much water spill out.

What are the days of creation? Often we teach the 7 days of creation. Well, on the seventh day we teach that God rested. This helps us and the kids remember that Sunday should be a day of rest. The Genesis account of the days of Creation is all in Genesis Chapter 1 while the verse about the Lord resting begins in Genesis 2. The Creation camp helps the children realize the importance of reading the Bible. The activities in this kit also help the children to remember the scriptures.

I invite you to take a week to study Genesis with your family. It is a wonderful time to make memories with your kids that will be lasting. The children will enjoy these activities and will even add some of their own.



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