Creative Ways to use Zoom

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Creative Ways to Use Zoom

80: Creative Ways to use Zoom

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Tips on using Zoom

  • You can mute other people in the Zoom room
  • Disabling the whiteboard in your user settings will disable the ability for others to use annotations (and prevent them from drawing all over your screen)
  • You can select someone’s video to spotlight ie make their video the big one
  • You can split people up by putting them into breakout rooms (the host can move between those)

5 Creative Things to do over Zoom

1. Exercise with a friend

2. Babysit – obviously not with babies but 5 – 8-year-olds could be entertained over Zoom. Read books together, build legos, tell stories etc

3. Quiz night – Select a ready-made quiz from Kahoot or Quizizz. You can also do Quizlet Live if you use breakout rooms.

4. Game night. Here is an article that explains how to play board games over Zoom. You can also play an online version of Codenames.

5. Scavenger Hunt – this idea is from Scott Bowen, the husband of Heather Bowen from Mom for all Seasons. Give those on the call an item to find and see who gets back first with it. Then repeat!

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Creative Ways to Use Zoom

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