Date Night On The Cheap

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Date Night On The Cheap

Episode 253

Date night on the cheap is something both Felice Gerwitz and Meredith Curtis have experienced. In this episode, Felice and Meredith share ideas that will help you leave the excuses behind. Date night can be fun and cheap!

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Meredith’s Ideas: Date Night On the Cheap

  1. Walks in the park: enjoy time alone at your favorite park. Make it your time and enjoy each other’s company. Cost, nothing!
  2. Surprise picnic lunch with nice plates, napkins, and fizzy drinks. Pack your favorite foods, or something simple. Use your nice silverware, plates and cloth napkins and tablecloths. Dress up and enjoy!
  3. Coffee in a beautiful hotel – Meredith shared that they couldn’t afford a meal in an expensive, yet very beautiful hotel nearby. So, instead, they decided to have coffee and dessert, going at an “off time” when the hotel wasn’t too busy. This is one of their favorite date-time-places on the cheap.
  4. Date night, dancing in the parking lot – crank up the music and enjoy dancing with your spouse under the stars. The ambiance is beautiful and the company perfect!
  5. Reading old love letters: what better way to have a date night on the cheap than by reading old love letters, lots of giggles, laughs, and kisses!

Felice’s Ideas: Date Night On the Cheap

  1. Walk on the beach – one of a favorite date night on the cheap. Gas to go, parking which is inexpensive and a few beach chairs and some drinks in a cooler. Watch the sunset
  2. Dinner, trying small out of the way places
  3. Home with the children making your meal
  4. Weekend deals – set up hotel alerts
  5. Recreating past dates

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