Decorating Your RV For the Holidays

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Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 6.47.27 PMIt’s hard to make room in the limited space of an RV for decorations that are only used for a few weeks out of the year. Yet, the holiday season is special for many fulltime families that travel in an RV. How in the world do we decorate our mobile lifestyle effectively? The Roadschool Moms’ team gives you their 5 fast & furious tips to decorating your RV for the holidays:

1) Wrap existing pictures, frames or existing fixtures
Modify items in the RV that are already in place by adding holiday accents to make it more festive. A box of red velvet bows can be secured on cabinet doors or to the side of lighted sconces on the wall. Another great tip is to wrap any pictures or items on the wall in Christmas paper and add a bow. It immediately dresses up the inside of the RV!

2) Consider a real tree outside your current location
Many RVers find a way to incorporate a Christmas tree inside the camper. This year, when you arrive at the spot you will be for this merry day, scope out resources for a live Christmas tree. Some locations may be close enough to seek out a Christmas tree farm to cut your own. This can lead to a new family tradition! The tree doesn’t have to be large nor the ornaments boughten to make it special. Let the kids create ornaments from crafts paper and supplies to make it their very own. What to do with the tree when Christmas is over? If the campground is open to it, spread peanut butter on the tips of the branches and spinkle nuts, fruits or bird seed on it to help out feather friends to enjoy long after your gone.

3) Visit the local Goodwill or thrift shops
If keeping decorations year round is just not an option. Make yourself a Christmas decorating budget and make a day of it with the kiddos. Stop at the local Goodwill and see who can gather up the most decor for the least amount of moolah! When you’re finished with the season, you won’t feel bad about donating it right back to the organization it came from.

4) Blow ups!
Just like other fold it, pack it, and store it items that RVers love, invest in 1 or 2 family favorite themed blow up decorations. This way no matter where you are in the world, you’ll have something that is dear to your family’s holiday heart during this time of year. A blow up doesn’t take up much room in the off season and it looks super cute as a Christmas decoration

5) Leave it to the kids!
Christmas is a lot about the kiddos so why not leave it up to them to decorate the inside and outside of your living space? Paper chains, strings of popcorn, handmade ornaments and pictures that decorate the RV will make it a cozy Christmas that will be all their very own.

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