Discovering How Your Child Learns

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Learning Modalities


Does this sound familiar?

  • That isn’t how I learned it…
  • He/She just doesn’t get it!
  • It just doesn’t seem to sink in..
  • He/She can’t sit still…
  • What curriculum is the right fit for my learner…
  • She/He learns it and a week later it’s gone.
  • Her/His teacher says he talks all the time!
  • Why does one of my learners get it but not the other?

It’s not your learner it’s their learning style!

Imagine trying to learn something in a language you just weren’t quite proficient in. How FRUSTRATING! Many times, it isn’t that a learner can’t or won’t learn, it’s that they aren’t comfortable in the learning modality that the information is being presented in.

On this episode, Laura Hay-Hamilton, The Learning Pathfinder, shows us how to discover your student/s (and even your own) learning style. Press play and find out now.

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