Draw Close To God In A Busy World

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Draw Close To God In A Busy WorldDraw Close To God In A Busy World with Dr. Jan Bedell and Pastor Alan Bias

Pastor Alan Bias joins Brain Coach, Jan Bedell for some tips on how to hear God in the “everyday”.  Learn how to escape the “Big Gray Swirl” of busyness and distractions to experience life to its fullest.  When you have a child that has special learning needs as gifted children do or learning labels like dyslexia, ADD, ADHD or autism, life can get much more complicated.  Pastor Alan gives examples of why life can seem like a blur and how to slow down and be available to hear God speak to you. God has answers for us for every situation in life if we quiet ourselves and give Him an opportunity to speak.

You will also enjoy some wisdom from Alan on how to enhance your marriage in this podcast.

Be sure to get a copy of his book, Walking with God in a World Gone Busy at www.LittleGiantSteps.com.  It will help you:

  • See Biblical examples of how cultural expectations and busyness hindered people from enjoying God’s presence.
  • Build your faith by being fully present with God in the midst of your busy day.
  • Realize the signs and symptoms of a busy, distracted life and the solutions to it.
  • Understand simple steps you can take to enjoy more “God Moments”.
  • Live a productive life without being overwhelmed and busy.

This book makes a great gift for adult friends, family and assoiciates!


ad-brain-trainer“Walking with God in a World Gone Busy”

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