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This is a great prize for any homeschool family who needs an amazing History curriculum!   Here is some information about Notgrass History:

Notgrass History curriculum is designed so that one child can use it independently or multiple children can study it together. We give you flexible tools that you can adjust to the needs and abilities of each student.

We combine narrative lessons, primary source documents, historical novels and biographies, and hands-on projects with a Christian worldview that upholds the Bible as God’s word and honors Jesus as Savior of the world.

Enter for a chance to win a $150 Notgrass History gift certificate, which you can use to purchase anything at notgrass.com.

We offer curriculum and resources for elementary, middle school, and high school.

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  1. I think we would love to have the America the Beautiful set from Notgrass the most!

  2. Nicole henke says

    one of the HS history sets, not sure which yet

  3. Angela Medina says

    I am not sure. My son is currently doing Uncle Sam and You – But I have been recommended so many of their books… probably America the Beautiful.

  4. I would get two sets, Exploring World History and Uncle Sam and You.

  5. Judith Martinez says

    I would buy Exploring World History because my son is just finishing up the old edition and then it will be retired. I plan on buying all new editions for my last 3 children.

  6. Pamela Richardson says

    We would love to study the From Adam to Us set. We’re big fans of Notgrass History!

  7. Angie Baker says

    Uncle Sam and You

  8. Jennifer Mathesz says

    I’d love to try their American History

  9. Would love to purchase America the Beautiful for my kids.

  10. Wendy Burkett says

    I’d love to buy World History for my son!

  11. Melissa Cazares says

    I would probably let my son choose so he will be more willingly to do his work.

  12. Exploring America

  13. Kristine Malingowski says

    I think I would buy America the Beautiful. It’s so hard to choose!

  14. I’m interested in Our Star-Spangled History 1!

  15. I’ve been eyeing the high school American history for a few months now

  16. We are huge fans of Notgrass! I would choose Exploring World History. Amazing giveaway, thank you!

  17. Melissa fox says

    I would like to try the Adam to us set

  18. I would get America the Beautiful and Exploring World History. I have loved the other high school courses.

  19. Jamie Serna says

    Looking to use this again next year with my middle schooler

  20. We have enjoyed the Notgrass curriculum for several years! We have used it with all of our boys.

  21. I would get the new Our Star-Spangled Story Set or Exploring World History set. All great products to choose from.

  22. This is a great giveaway!! I would use the gift certificate to purchase Exploring World History for my 9th grade son. We are trying out the 3 week sample now.

  23. I think Notgrass is just about the best history curriculum ever.

  24. Megan Goodall says

    Looking to introduce history in our home. Excited to find this curriculum!

  25. Exploring world history would be our choice!

  26. Rachel Costello says

    I’m excited about the new American history for Elementary.

  27. There are so many interesting looking options it’s hard to choose but America the Beautiful would probably be our first choice.

  28. I’m excited to look into and possibly invest into the American history for elementary. I have no idea what I’m doing and extra help would be amazing

  29. I woulc like Uncle Sam and Me

  30. Wendi Shipe says

    Exploring Govt and Exploring Economics for high school…we love Notgrass for history here!

  31. Exploring Government or Exploring Economics and From Adam to Us would be my first picks.

  32. Lynette Williams says

    We would probably choose America the Beautiful. So many great options!

  33. america the beautiful

  34. I would get one of the High School sets.

  35. I would like America the Beautiful and Exploring Government and Economics sets.

  36. Jessica Medina says

    I would love to win American Government set for high school!

  37. Allison Brown says

    Ready for High School World History this spring!

  38. I tI We are interested in the high school sets. Thanks

  39. Kelly Burton says

    We will be purchasing Our Star Spangled Story Bundle! Thank you for offering the giveaway.

  40. Stephane Burger says

    Would love to High School set for my 9th Grader, Exploring Government en Economics would be great.

  41. Stephane Burger says

    Definitely a High School set

  42. I am really interested in the Exploring Government & the Exploring Economics sets for my high schoolers. Although there are so many interesting books to choose from for all my age groups!

  43. S. Stewart says

    I’d buy the ‘Exploring World History’ set; it looks the most fascinating.

  44. I love Notgrass and would purchase the Government and Economics sets.

  45. Renee Schuhmacher says

    I would purchase the government and economics sets also. Thank you for doing this giveaway. So exciting!!

  46. I love Notgrass History. I might try one of the high school courses for my oldest son.

  47. Judith Martinez says

    I would get the world history curriculum.

  48. It’s hard to decide maybe Star Spangled History.

  49. America the beautiful

  50. I would pick Exploring Government or Exploring Economics for my High School aged kids.

  51. We would get highschool notgrass

  52. Laura Oliver says

    I would love Our Spangled Story ❤🇺🇸

  53. Shannon Alexander says

    I really want the elementary age American History!

  54. Katie Sheasby says

    We are using their high school World History right now, so I would get their high school American History next.

  55. Stacey Jordan says

    I would like the Government set as that is what I plan on teaching next school year

  56. Patricia hoffman says

    I would probably choose American and star spangled history !!

  57. This would be amazing! I would probably choose From Adam to Us. We’re currently using America the Beautiful, and we love it!

  58. I would love a chance to win one of these sets. From Adam to Us looks especially intriguing!

  59. I would start with From Adam to Us. But I’m really interested in them all!

  60. I have seen you guys at homeschool conventions. I would love to dig into America the Beautiful or Uncle Sam and You!

  61. I really liked America the beautiful. But I would most likely let my daugther that would be using it choose which one herself.

  62. This would be amazing!!!

  63. Lea Anne Shetler says

    I would purchase “Exploring America.”

  64. Angela Williams says

    America the Beautiful Curriculum Package!

  65. I would love to try “Our Star Spangled History.”

  66. Tyna Begley says

    I would get the Uncle Sam and You package

  67. Jill Miller says

    US History

  68. Uncle Sam and You is on my wish list. Thanks for the giveaway!

  69. Wendi Camacho says

    I would love to have the full elementary and middle school curriculums.

  70. Wow what a great giveaway! I think America th Beautiful would be great.

  71. KATHERINE P says

    My family would love the Uncle Sam and You bundle. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  72. Wow- lots of comments here because Notgrass is awesome!! Such a reputable company —I can’t say enough! ;). May they be blessed as they bless someone. If we One this, I would pray about which one to use next year for my high schooler…American or world History 🙏🙏.

  73. I’ve heard so many positive reviews of Notgrass from fellow Christian home school moms, so it’s definitely been on my radar. I’d be interested in all of the high school sets for when my children are old enough, and From Adam to Us for the present time for my oldest. When my youngest are a little older, I think Our Star Spangled History would be a great curriculum to start them off with!

  74. Pamela Laurie says

    I would enjoy any historical recording.

  75. I think we’d go for the Our Star-Spangled Story Bundle. Perfect for my little guys!

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