Is Facebook Dead?

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Is Facebook Dead? No- find out how to breathe life into your Facebook page!This week, I’m discussing a question that I hear bloggers and online entrepreneurs ask often…Is Facebook dead?

My answer? Absolutely not. Each month Facebook is my #2 referrer only behind my email list. Despite having good SEO and a decent Pinterest following of over 30,000…Facebook still trumps them both.

If you aren’t finding any success with Facebook, it may be time to evaluate a few things, and those things are exactly what we’re going to discuss in this week’s episode.

  • A solid strategy is key.
  • Understand the fact that Facebook likes Facebook. Find out exactly what this means and how to apply it to your strategy.
  • Understand the types of posts that will prompt your readers to press like, leave a comment, and/or share it with their friends.
  • Understand that algorithms change frequently and what you need to do to thrive.
  • High engagement will lead to higher reach which will lead to higher conversions {more traffic, sales, sign ups, etc}.
  • Consistency is a must.
  • Find out my favorite  tool which helps me to stay consistent, share viral content, AND increase engagement and reach.
  • Posting a variety of post types is necessary. Post those types that your page followers are most likely to interact with. I’ll tell you how to find these types of posts.
  • Post important posts at optimized times. I’ll tell you how to find which times are best for your particular page.
  • How I’m getting the highest reach on posts…hint- LIVE posting is NOT it.
  • Share posts from your page to groups,

As promised in the episode, click here to get a FREE trial of SmarterQueue, the scheduling tool that I use and LOVE!

Also as promised in the episode, here a brief look at my daily Facebook posting schedule:

9am- either my new blog post published that day OR one of my popular evergreen posts.

11am- an affiliate link *if there is something that I want to promote that day*

12pm- engaging conversation starter

1:30pm- viral meme or quote image

3pm- either viral post from another blogger in my niche, my own product, or my own freebie

5pm or 7pm- either viral post from another blogger in my niche, my own product, or my own freebie

8:30pm- one of my evergreen popular posts


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