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It isn’t often that you meet a kindred spirit, but when you do it is a friend for life. That’s how I feel about the lady behind the Finish Well Radio Team – Meredith Curtis! She has been an amazing friend through the years and we’ve celebrated many wonderful occasions and spent time in prayer together as well!

She was easily at the TOP of my list of podcasters when I began this network two years ago – she gathered together here “team” which is made up of various people from the youth at the church or other adults. These top quality shows bring you an amazing depth – for you TEEN and YOUNG ADULT. There is no other broadcasting like this!

Meredith and Pastor Mike (her husband) have a heart for ministering to young families.

I’ve witnessed the love and friendships that goes hand-in-hand with the strong faith in Jesus at their group functions, like their Finish Well Conference that they host each year in Orlando.

You never know what you will hear. It may be a group of teens with a question and answer format. Or it may be hard hitting on topics such as: “Is there a God?” or “Halloween.” No matter, you can be sure that Meredith Curtis is behind all of the productions with help from her amazing friends such as Laura Nolette!

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Visit Meredith on her websites:

Meredith Curtis is an amazing author and publisher. She is the founder of Powerline Productions and has written and co-authored many books.

Finish Well Conference

Meredith Curtis Blog

Powerline Productions 

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