Forgiveness Is A Choice

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Smommy jammies nighttruggling to Forgive? Forgiveness Is A Choice!

Some people get all the blessings and I get … well, never mind! In this special Mommy Jammies Night, author and speaker, Meredith Curtis explains how forgiveness can bring freedom to our life replacing frustration, bitterness, and pain. If your heart is hurting from unresolved hurts and broken relationships, this is not God’s desire! You, as a woman after God’s own heart, have been called to have a free, clean heart. Receive God’s healing as you step out in faith to cancel the debts that others have to you.  Meredith will remind you of how Jesus has forgiven us and that He will pour out abundant grace so that you can walk in His footsteps to freedom.

Show Notes

Handout Here: Personal Testimony Worksheet

Questions Discussed:

  1. Who is the hardest to forgive: friends or family?
  2. Does anyone have a story where there was a broken relationship that healed after many years of division?
  3. Have you ever been in debt? How did you feel when you paid it off?
  4. Has anyone ever owed you money? How did it feel when they paid you off?
  5. Have you ever asked one of your children to forgive you? How did they

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