The Foundation: Learning Styles

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The Foundation Learning StylesShoring Up The Foundation of Learning Styles with Dr. Jan Bedell

Podcast #9

The brain has an incredible ability to grow and change in order to shore up the foundations for learning.  There are certain natural intelligences that are God given which are outlined here. The question is, what is the best way to take advantage of these intelligences?  To overcome the learning challenges that are plaguing a staggering 1 in 5 US children and to build a foundation of proper functioning, one must understand the brain’s amazing abilities and how it can change from proper stimulation. Learn how to enhance the function of the auditory, visual and tactile systems so learning can flow naturally through the best learning channel for each particular task.

The labeling of our children with learning disabilities is at epidemic proportion.  Many labels have their origin in specific inefficiencies, i.e. dyslexics often have visual issues, low auditory and visual short term memory and mixed dominance; a major contributor to ADD symptoms stems from low auditory sequential processing and ADHD adds sensory issues to that low auditory processing deficit; CAPD can be a combination of low auditory processing and tonal or hypersensitive hearing issues; the autistic spectrum population has many sensory issues including the hypersensitivity of the tactile system.   The good news is that these inefficiencies in the brain can change.  Listen in for tips and strategies to change the brain’s structure for superior function.

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