FPEA Chairman Suzanne Nunn

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Suzanne Nunn FPEA Chairman  | #homeschool #podcast #FPEAChairmanSuzanneNunnFeatured Spotlight on FPEA Chairman Suzanne Nunn  & Podcast Host on the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network

FPEA Chairman Suzanne Nunn

What is FPEA and what will you hear on FPEA Connects? We are here to tell you! Felice Gerwitz, founder of the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network interviews Suzanne Nunn, current Chairman of the FPEA (Florida Parent Educator’s Association) and long time homeschool mom. Suzanne shares her heart with you and her goals of serving all homeschoolers in Florida with up to date information and encouragement.

Check out information about FPEA – Here

See Suzanne’s Podcast – FPEA Connects Here


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