Free Digital Resources for Black History Month

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Free Digital Resources for Black History Month

118: Free Digital Resources for Black History Month

There are so many great digital resources for Black History month, so I decided just to primarily share ones with you that I actually use in my own classes.

These are the sites I mention where one can find many primary resources related to Black History.


  • Hidden figures
  • Tuskegee Airmen
  • Self-Made mini-series (fictionalized so check up the real story for comparison)



Flight to Freedom

Digital breakouts

Harlem Renaissance

Virtual Field Trips

  • Civil Rights Memorial – Find it on Google street view and then read short bios of people mentioned on it here
  • National Park Service 28 Days of Black History Month
  • Many of the sites on this list from The History Mom have virtual tours.

Primary Sources

Also take a look at this African-American Black History Pinterest board by Ayanna Murray


Show Sponsor Fundafunda Academy uses many of these resources in their online US History class for high school

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Free Digital Resources for Black History Month

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