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Getting Into the Zone | Getting into the zone means help for homeschool mom. #homeschool #podcast Getting Into The Zone – Help For Mom

Getting into the zone is a replay of a past mommy jammies night hosted by Felice Gerwitz. Real help for mom and ways to get unstuck.

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What are ways of Getting into the Zone with Joanne Calderwood

In this Ultimate Homeschool Radio Show episode, we listen to a vintage Mommy Jammies Night guest who shares “Getting into the Zone,” and ways to identify how this can help you to avoid the pitfalls that can keep you from success! Moms take charge.

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Getting Into The Zone

1. What is the definition of getting into the zone? It is different for each person. Listen to the audio and download the PDF file on getting into the zone.

2. Here are the various zones and think about the ones that apply to you — by listening to this podcast you will understand more about each zone and the ways to overcome or make them work for you!

a. in circle zone
b. go it alone zone
c. clutter zone
d. exhaustion zone
f. combat zone
g. oblivion zone
h.wits end zone
i. hurdle zone
j. who am I again zone
k. hit a wall zone
l. unwound zone
m. child – training zone
n. juggling zone
o. zombie zone
p. self-sabotage zone

Some zones are more prevalent in your life and there are ways that we get comfortable in our zone and feel like there is no way out. However, you can get unstuck!

Getting into the Zone that works for you!

What are the reasons you live in these zones?

What happens to our time when we dwell in these zones.

Do you have a comfort zone?

What are the three B’s?

We have a body and a soul.

What are your strategies for change?

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