Gifts You Can’t Unwrap

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you can not unrwap this gift
Recently I’ve been blessed with many gifts that you can’t unwrap, but mean so much to me! They are priceless and have more of an impact than anything you can buy in a store. Really.

Here is the short list.

  • I still have many drawings my kids created when they were little – they are now adults
  • I have a pencil holder that was a cherished created gift, about twenty years ago.
  • I have the helium balloons, long deflated that a friend purchased from a what was left from a street vendor (my friend then later proposed).
  •  I have “I love you Mom!” notes and “You are the best Mom, can I have a dog?” notes, and so many more!
  • And a wonderful assistant who sent me an email in the month of December telling me she was not charging me for the month of work as a present! (I’m not letting her get away with this, however – it was priceless! And, left me speechless and surprised!)

Money can not buy that!

And what about the most precious gift of all? This one you most certainly can not unwrap – and that is the gift of faith, the gift of salvation and the gift of God the Father sending His only son into the world so that we may have life, and have it abundantly!

So, here is the challenge – what gifts do you have that are more priceless than anything you can purchase? Can you share your favorite gifts that you can’t wrap with us? And please, extend this challenge to your children. What will they select as their most precious gift?

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