He Is Just Not Trying

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He is Just Not Trying with Jan Bedell

Podcast #13

Have you ever thought that your child is not trying? There could be a number of reasons for your child’s behavior. In this podcast, Jan explores those reasons and ways you can help.

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Show Notes: “He’s Just Not Trying


It is estimated that 1 in 5 US children suffer as a struggling learner.  Many of them deal with this in silence because they don’t know that anything is off. They have gone through life to this point in their current condition.  These children are typically highly intelligent and that intelligence helps learning struggles and even disabilities to hide because of their ability to cope and compensate.

Parents, knowing that their child is smart, can misjudge the situation and think the child is just not trying when in fact there may be inefficiencies in the brain that cause the troubling behaviors.  Learn in this episode several examples of smart children that were thought to be goofing off, not paying attention or just not trying.  There are ways to help these challenges and heal the relationship between the parents and the children.

Ruth Young, a 10 year veteran NeuroDevelopmentalist, certified teacher and home school mom of five, joins Jan to share some experiences with students that have labels like ADD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, high functioning autism and others.  You will also find examples of those without labels whose parents were extremely frustrated with the current academic performance and poor behaviors.  Discover the interventions responsible for turning a negative situation into understanding for the parent and help for the child.

A thorough description of the starter neurodevelopmental program called Developmental Foundations is given in this episode. Also, hear about the exciting results for a young man that wanted to go to college but ACT scores were too low before using the Developmental Foundations for 3 ½ months. Exciting transformations of lives and release of true God-given potential are possible when parents are educated as to the cause of struggles and learning/behavioral labels. 


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