High School Writing Requirements- HSHSP Ep 26

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High School Writing Requirements- HSHSP Ep 26

Writing Requirements HSHSP Ep 26

Your homeschool highschoolers need 4 Language Arts credits for their transcripts. Each Language Arts credit includes more than just literature. Each Language Arts credit also must include writing.

A LOT of writing…

How do you know if your homeschool highschooler is getting enough writing for their Language Arts credits?

How do you know if they are covering the right types of writing?

Never fear! In characteristic light-heartedness and encouragement, we’ll help you figure it out!

Join Sabrina, Vicki and Kym for a fun discussion of the 4 genres of high school writing requirements and ideas for knowing when you hit the correct amount of writing for your teen.




Here is a helpful post: What to Cover in Homeschool Highschool Writing


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