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When Mom Needs Chocolate - Gerwitz


It isn’t one thing it is MANY things. I can sum up my day like this…I purchased chocolate covered cashews and chocolate covered almonds. I have been in a bad mood for two days now, count them – one-two. I’m never in a bad mood – not for long anyway. But, this week has been a pressure cooker week. Can you relate? I mapped out my summer and every single week-end there is something planned. In fact on some weekends there is an overlap. Usually, I try to make the best of things. For example when we went to a softball tournament for an overnight stay, we took my daughter and son to a nicer restaurant for dinner than our normal fast-food stop. I tried to make our trip into a short-vacation. We had a great time and laughed when the kids ordered burgers at both restaurants.

I’m trying to stay optimistic, I really am. While I try to be the glass-is-half-full kind of person I know I have to make a concentrated effort. The problem seems to be compounded because I know I am pouting, and I know I’m upset at everything…in fact, I’m acting like a two-year-old that doesn’t get their own way. And, true to form tonight when I reached for the Fajita mix so I could marinate the chicken breasts before tossing them on the grill for dinner, yes–you guessed it. We were out of Fajita mix.

I can make a laundry list of my complaints and I’m sure yours mirror mine. In fact, I think I will.

Felice’s Laundry List of Complaints for the last two days:

  1. I am too busy and can’t seem to make time for the Bible study I wanted to begin on Monday. It is already Tuesday.
  2. We took out the calendar to map out our summer and it isn’t a pretty site to me — too many dates have words on it.
  3. We are completing some of our homeschool books that were put on hold.
  4. We signed up my kids for dual-enrollment classes next year for college – and I can feel my kids growing up right before my eyes.
  5. Wednesday my schedule looks like this: 8:00 an appt., 8:45 set up for VBS that begins next week, 11:00 an appt., 2:00 hair cut, 6:00 meeting with my husband, then  a business dinner. I dislike days when I have to go from one thing to another, to another.
  6.  Thursday is my birthday. My in-laws are coming which now means we can’t go out to dinner as planned. My kids are throwing me a surprise party that I had to know about because I had a meeting scheduled (with my husband for his work) for earlier that night — which is why my in-laws were not invited in the first place, were were suppose to be at a business meeting.
  7. It is going to rain all week so there won’t be a morning to head to the beach, (my Florida kids don’t like the beach – but their mother does) which we had planned for this week – but, oh, wait! My son’s summer-sports-training began this week on Mon., Tues., Thurs. at 8:00 a.m. and my daughter’s is Mon., Tues., Wed., Thurs. in the late afternoon. So, we couldn’t go to the beach anyway. I knew about the training but it wasn’t on the calendar – hence, item #2 above. [Translation: mom is now driving said son to training in the morning – during mom’s normal prayer time –  because daughter will go later that day and she drives herself. Totally unplanned–
  8. Business loose ends and fires. Daily.
  9. Husband’s business and loose ends. Daily.
  10. Fun book I was going to read was so bad that I finally looked up the words “spoiler – name of book here” and decided I’d learn the ending before reading any more in the series – I will not be reading the very popular, semi-Christian series. So … my “fun books” to just during the summer time when I allow myself such a luxury are nil.
  11. My other son got a speeding ticket. His first. Praying insurance doesn’t go up.
  12. Cars needed tires – and this is about the fifth time we’ve been to the auto repair shop in the last few months for various vehicles.
  13. Forgot to renew tags until yesterday- did cars/ truck for business/ work trailer/ and put the wrong insurance info online. I sent an email to the appropriate persona and received a phone call today – everything is okay. Just one-more-thing.

See? Nothing out of the ordinary. Sure, there are some minor inconveniences–but, nothing earth shattering. So why am I so upset? Angry? Pouting? Grinding my teeth?

Because I feel like I’ve let down my family. I have been short with them. I have not been patient. I’ve been a very grumpy homeschool mom. I want to be the happy homeschool mom – the homeschool mom who has it together. I want to write a great post about “How NOT to be a grumpy homeschool mom”.

Why am I the grumpy homeschool mom?

Because I let my JOY go — the joy that surpasses all understanding. Philippians 4:7  … I pray every, single morning. But my prayers, especially when I am busy go outward not inward. Inward prayer is when I listen – when I seek God, when I study HIS word and allow it to permeate my being, warm my soul. When I get busy and harried it seems that nothing works the way I want it to–but, wait! Normally nothing does work the way I want it to, but I seem to have the grace, HIS grace to get through. That is what prayer that infills me does, it gives me the grace to carry on.

Truthfully, being grumpy for two days is probably not that bad. In fact, venting on this blog post has helped quite a bit. It wasn’t easy to list out the tiny and insignificant-in-the-grand-scheme of things list and admit to you that I’m pretty pathetic, sometimes. It is laying down my heart – and admitting that I failed to fulfill my part of the bargain. You see, I know GOD is there. He is waiting. He is knocking. He knows what I am going through and I can’t imagine that He is please. However, I do know that He forgives a repentant heart.

Deep Breath.

But there is a bright light. Today a friend messaged me in reply to a question. She too is very harried and was having a not-fun-day. I told her I’d pray for her and she said she’d pray for me. THAT made me feel better.

Another friend, my social media gal – said, “What’s wrong.” My answer? “How did you know? … I seemed out of sorts to her, and the Lord was bringing me to her mind so she could pray. Has He done that to you? Do you have friends that often come to mind? If so, stop and pray. Truly I feel so much better – I really do. I especially feel better because even though this hasn’t been the most stellar two days of my life, in terms of my Christian-walk, I can look forward to Mommy Jammies Night – tonight. It is a time of fellowship and encouragement with other moms from around the globe.

Prayers and chocolate. Now, that is a winning combination!

How can I pray for you? Is there something you do to get out of your grumpy mood?



  1. To get out of my grumpy mood I usually take a night out by myself (although this doesn’t happen much) without hubby and kids. Sometimes just studying up on homeschool curriculum makes me happier b/c I feel accomplished. I like the feeling of knowing that I did my research and got the best thing I could find for my kiddos. It’s also just fun to find new things. Also I enjoy getting a bargain at a thrift store- although it’s usually just clothes for my kids but who doesn’t love a good buy.

    • mediaangels says

      Ha Grace, that is the key right? Feeling accomplished. I think the last few days I feel I’ve wasted so much time – but time isn’t mine, it’s God’s so I need to let go. TY for stopping by.

  2. Julie Knight says

    I’m trying hard not to laugh at this blog post. Today was one of the above days. Overwhelming , full of tears etc….

  3. I know how you feel! Usually I eat my chocolate with a nice glass of sangria. 🙂 Just keep on going and see if there’s anything you can delegate or just put off until some other time.

    • mediaangels says

      Hmm…chocolate and wine? Not sure I could handle that combo – but you are right, delegating always helps.

  4. judith martinez says

    I’m just so tired and overwhelmed! I’m trying to get away from everyone for a few minutes when I’m grumpy. I often play a couple of rounds of solitaire and have some prayer time.

    • mediaangels says

      Prayer time – that is what I need! Thanks for stopping by Judi – it is always great to have you with us during MJN!

  5. Terri Baehr says

    chocolate and prayer are my go to helpers also. Time by myself outside or in my room on a time out are also beneficial. This was a rough year of homeschooling, we are praying for a better time schooling this upcoming year.

    • mediaangels says

      I will join you in prayer Terri – and yes, prayer + chocolate is a winning combo! TY for stopping by.

  6. Studying a favorite subject like gardening. Losing myself on pinterest. Being alone. Alone time with husband. Prayers needed for wisdom and strength to get done what needs to get done. To not allow myself to fall into depression because of so much to do and not enough time to do it.
    Thanks for the encouragement. Now, where are those chocolate chips? 😉

  7. Tammy Cordery says

    I try not to be grumpy when I do studies with them.

  8. Praying for one another makes all the difference. Also knowing that we are not alone in this venture is vitally important as well. So thankful that the Lord provides good friends and wonderful resources to help us along the way. Thanks so much for all you guys help us all too!

    • mediaangels says

      Amen – it does and it is wonderful that the Lord does provide via friend to call each other to mind so we can pray!

  9. Julie Knight says

    Wow my treat today to avoid burnout was Bagels at Panera, not quite as good as chocolate/and/or wine. Loved our MJN last night. TY

  10. I can relate. Thanks for your post.

    We all fail and we all look down on ourselves for doing so. But God is our hope, our stay, our very present help in trouble. He is faithful when we are not. His mercies are new every morning. Enjoying Jammie night and awakening to new mercies… I wouldn’t trade the life of a homeschool mom for any other job in the world!

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