HSHSP Ep 19: Drama- The GOOD Kind

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HSHSP Ep 19: Drama- The GOOD Kind

HSHSP Ep 19 Drama The GOOD KindSparkle up the homeschool transcript, have fun, and gain some terrific life skills. How? With DRAMA (the good kind, not the *I’m-mad-at-you-and-am-going-to-make-a-scene* kind. 🙂

Recorded live at Sabrina’s 16th annual homeschool drama camp, Vicki and Kym talk about the ways drama has a powerful impact on teens and transcripts. AND we interview some homeschool highschool drama campers!

Join us for the fun and get some inspiration at The Homeschool Highschool Podcast!


AND check out these links:

Here are some fun drama resources to help you with your own drama– the GOOD kind! (Including freebies!)


Here’s a glimpse of drama camp in action.




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