Implementing the Charlotte Mason Method

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Implementing the Charlotte Mason MethodEpisode 5: 

Implementing the Charlotte Mason Method

Hosts:  Lindsey Stomberg & Richele McFarlin

Join Richele and Lindsey as they explore the Charlotte Mason method and how to implement it in your homeschool. Lindsey will discuss how she implements the method with young children while Richele will share how it looks through the years. Is the Charlotte Mason method right for your homeschool? Find out and join Lindsey and Richele for a quick overview on this well-loved method.


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Fitting it All In the Charlotte Mason Way







  1. Thanx for the podcast and especially the beautiful printables.
    Just a note, Charlotte Mason taught in her first volume: Home Education, that the most important and first habit to train is not obedience, but attention. Without paying attention, it is not possible to be obedient because you will not know what was expected. It is the habit whereupon the whole method hangs. For a short lesson to be effective, the child needs to completely focus for the 20minutes required. And it is because of the habit of attention that perfect execution can be expected and is possible.

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