Integrity Interview with Justin Warfel – Part 2

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Can you be a Christian and walk with integrity while being involved in Politics?Living with Integrity takes intentionality.

Can you be a Christian and walk with integrity while being involved in Politics?

Living with Integrity, despite one’s vocational choice, takes intentionality. It is easier to see a lack of integrity on the part of others, than ourselves, or “our side.” We want to think the best of ourselves while we think more critically/ judgmentally of others.

Can we teach integrity? It is better caught than taught. AS parents and teachers we need to walk with integrity so that our children can see biblical examples for them to follow.

A lack of integrity is destabilizing to individuals, marriages, families and communities. Trust and truth-telling are the hallmarks of people who live with integrity. If a person or company is not trustworthy- if we can’t rely on what they say- they are not dependable and therefore, not trustworthy.

When families and institutions become less dependable, society unravels.

We need God’s stabilizing influence in our lives, marriages and institutions.


I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do. ~Romans 7:15


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