Is the Essay Dead? With Anna Knaub

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This week Lisa Nehring shares that time-honored essay may soon be under fire due to the onslaught of AI "writers"

In a recent article, titled, “The College Essay is Dead,” the writer questions whether writing instruction will weather the onslaught of AI. AI is “writing” many things these days, from ads to news articles, so it’s not surprising that the time-honored essay will soon be under fire.


True North Homeschool Academy director, Lisa Nehring is joined by one of True North’s world class Lit and Comp Teachers, Anna Knaub to talk about AI and Essay Writing!

Both Anna and Lisa Agree that the Essay will always be a skill that wise parents will choose to teach their kids for the following reasons:

  1. Good writing is good thinking and learning how to write well teaches kids how to think well, organize their thoughts, make a linear argument, understand thesis, counter thesis, and antithesis and present from a point of strong personal conviction.


  1. Language substantiates intelligent design and as people of faith, we want to best utilize the gifts we are given in response to being created Imago Dei.


  1. Using AI to write begs the question of plagiarism and its cousin academic citation. There is a fundamental difference between using writing tools and using tools to create content that a person takes ownership of. Learning to write and write well disciplines students to sit with their thoughts and to do hard things.


While AI is making advances in so many industries, we both firmly believe that teaching your students to write an essay well develops so many skills in your students, that go well beyond the essay, that it’s vitally important that we continue to teach it!


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