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It’s January, and for many of us that means new resolutions. What if this year, instead of a resolution, you join us for the themed printables we offer for our subscribers?

The printables offer you tangible support and accountability to prioritize the things that matter and get done the things that must be done.

Imagine your 2023 as one of organized action. How much could you accomplish in your home and homeschool if you had a partner (the printable!) pointing the way to success.



What is in the January Organize It! Freebie?

This month’s checklist has everything you need to plan for success.

A peek at what’s inside:

Organizational Overview
January Organizational Topics
Organizational Guide
Organization Objectives
Household Organization
Finance Organization
Homeschool Organization
Personal Organization
Overall Monthly Plan
Blank Monthly Calendar
Four Square Planner
Meal Planning
Organize Your Meals
Organize Your Month-Suggested Topics
January Organization List and Blank Forms
January To-Do List (Suggestions) and Blank Forms
Organize Your Cleaning (Suggestions) and Blank Forms
Weekly and Daily Chores (Suggestions) and Blank Forms
Organize Your Homeschool
Chore Schedule and Blank Forms
Chore Chart
Weekly Check-Off Sheets and Reading List Form

Download the monthly checklist sent out in each weekly ezine; these are available to subscribers only.

The planner access information is always located at the bottom of each email. Sign up for the freebie so you don’t miss it.

You can sign up HERE as a subscriber if you are not signed up.


Why become organized?

Organization will free up time to do what you’d like. It also allows you more time and energy to accomplish your goals. This also allows more time with our children and
spouse. When we are running around picking up at the last minute or cooking dinner, there is less time to spend with the family.

Organization begins with checklists and a plan for your finances, household, homeschool, personal needs, events, and appointments. How do you deal with all of these in an organized manner? That is what we will discuss in this planner. Organization is more than arranging things in a closet or going through your unused items. While neat closets, drawers, and purging unused items are essential, they are only the tip of the overall planning necessary to run a home.

Running a business for many years has encouraged me to run my home similarly. While moms and dads hold many titles, one that escapes us is chief of staff! We have children, some are too young, but others are underutilized. I know that my children became helpful when given specific tasks and the encouragement to help. It is easier to do things independently, but if we want responsible children, we must train them early and well.

I like to know what I am doing each day. This can only happen with a list of daily goals. Successful business people do not put things off; they look over their lists before starting the next day. My husband knows what his construction crew is working on, usually a week or more ahead of schedule. Otherwise, he’d have employees sitting around, getting paid for doing nothing, which would affect the bottom line. In our homes, the bottom line is time and a happy family, which is sacrificed in chaos.

As with anything we do, balance is important, as well as keeping realistic goals and expectations. If you are a mom with little ones, you can accomplish less than a mom with teens. I am happiest
when I can see my accomplishments, yet I had many years of sacrificing my goals to have kids fed and a house that didn’t look like a train wreck when dad got home. (Not that he ever complained!)
Setting up routines, keeping to specific schedules, and knowing what events are upcoming will go a long way to running your household in a way that is not stressful.

This is why I’ve created this planner, to help you feel supported as you support your family in whatever endeavors you choose to take on.

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  1. Just stumbled on your page from Julie’s website. This is great to stay organized. Great resource. I’ve subscribed.

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