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Learning About Government and Elections 2016





When is the time to learn about the government and the upcoming 2016 elections? Why right now. It’s never too early to gear up – I know you are thinking, “You have GOT to be kidding, me. I’m already dreading the rhetoric.” And, that is the crux of the problem. We need to teach ourselves and our children how to listen, really listen and research to learn what the candidates really believe.

In the past I would wait until the field was weeded out a bit, as the candidates announced their candidacy I paid them very little attention. I thought, well let me wait and see who’s left standing, and in that way I’d be able to make a great decision. Instead I now know it’s important to be informed. In the recent podcast with my brother-in-law, Professor Woody Wilson, we touched on this particular topic. How do you stay informed without dealing with annoyance and overload?

It is difficult but it is possible. This next year another of my teens will become a registered voter. That makes four of my five children who are old enough to vote in the upcoming Presidential election. Yes, I’ll do everything I can to discuss the potential candidates and line up our important considerations against what they believe. I know it is impossible to have a candidate who agrees with everything I do, however it is still nice when the main issue (to me) is one the candidate embraces as well.

So, how do you learn about American Government? In a book, a video or on the history channel? How about in a class? Media Angels produced an American Government and Elections class that consists of video presentations. It is 32+ hours of content plus handouts and explanations of what the students should know. I’m excited that this class is included in the Build Your Bundle Set Here.  You won’t find this class lower anywhere else.

There is an extensive vocabulary list, multiple choice questions (with answers), a syllabus and so much more.

The best thing about the class is the information is presented in conversational manner – professor Wilson is a true American Patriot, he loves our country and teaches using pictures and simple explanations that even middle school students will enjoy. We’ve had homeschool students as young as 9 years old take the class, and enjoy it immensely.

If you are interested in learning American Government you will really enjoy this class.


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