Life Skills Learned Through Adoption!

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On this episode, Lisa Nehring is interviewing fellow podcaster Crystal Niehoff, as they talk about Life Skills Learned through Adoption!Life Skills Learned through Adoption!

On this episode, Lisa Nehring, Director of True North Homeschool Academy is interviewing fellow podcaster and True North teacher, Crystal Niehoff, as they talk about Life Skills Learned through Adoption!

Crystal shares how her family was involved in Respite Care, Foster Care and private and adoption through Foster Care.

For anyone heading into the world of adoption, recognize that itn can be a “paper pregnancy” that takes longer than 9 months!

Lessons learned through adoption:
1. How to work around and manage their schedule and the schedule of foster and adoption workers.
2. Understanding Mental Health and how to regain it.
3. Kids learn the court system/ foster and adoptive care legalities
4. Meet and interact with case workers
5. Learn about the states/ regions and countries that adopted family members are from
6. Learn flexibility and adaptability
7. Learn about bonding and attachments
Develop a Lifestyle of learning and model being an autodidact for your kids

More Resources from Crystal:
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For families dealing with Attachment Disorders
Attachment Disorders
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