Living on a Single Income

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living on a single income


Living on a Single Income with Israel  & Brooke Wayne of Family Renewal 

Living on a single income podcast with Israel Wayne

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Hello and welcome to Family Renewal. I’m Israel Wayne your host. We hope you’ll stay with us for the next thirty minutes as we take a look at faith, family, and culture all the lenses of a Biblical Worldview. This program is a production of the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network.

Introduction to the podcast:

Israel: Today we’re going to talk about a topic that we haven’t discussed previously, and that is, living on a single income. We’ve written about it, but never done a podcast on this. We’re going to talk about this from two different angles, the macro view and the micro view. What the societal view that you’re suppose to have both parents in the workforce and have your children occupied elsewhere. Then kind of the micro view how do you walk out the decision to live on a single income.

I didn’t know until looking at it while writing a chapter of a new book to be released next year, that 7% of households in the US have the dynamic where there is a married couple with children and only the man works and the woman stays home with the children.

Brooke: That is so much lower than I would’ve expected!

Israel: That’s somewhat representative of us, though now I own my own business. We now work in our business together. For years I worked outside the home and Brooke worked outside the home. We are dealing with the dynamic of a single income and homeschooling. While writing last night I was addressing the question people have, which is, will I throw away my college education to stay home to homeschool my children. Society would say you’re wasting your life if you stay home. How does that impact your life, Brooke?

Brooke: I did hear this in a varied form not long ago in a check out at the store.

(continue the conversation in the podcast … )


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An author of six books and a regular author in several publications. Israel writes about homeschooling, Christian Apologetics and family-based Biblical discipleship.

Israel is a popular conference speaker who desires to see God’s people learn to think and live Biblically. Israel is a regular keynote speaker at events nationwide.

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  1. So many people who think teaching your own children should be done by people who would do your job for you but they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to get a job you’re already doing without any special training or debt, and then they question the wisdom of YOUR life choices.

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