Dealing with Disrespect – MBFLP 201

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“My son shows me disrespect.” “How can I deal with the disrespect from our kids?” “What can I do to teach my children to be more respectful?” It’s something we all have to deal with as parents, and yet it’s hard – and some of us struggle more than we expected! This episode, we look at the very real question of respect – teaching our kids to show it, dealing with them when they don’t, where this may be coming from, and what God expects from all of us!


  1. Heather says

    I’m struggling with my 12 year old son in this area. I’m divorced. I’ve been praying and trying to help my son with this attitude but it’s total disrespect and attitude over everything. I’m sure there are several things at play here. I hadn’t thought about how much their father speaks awful things about me and how that could be an issue with his attitude. I cannot change what daddy says. As much as I would love to defend myself against the things the kids tell me, I know it wouldn’t be good for the kids, or me. It’s not worth it to engage those negative comments. I’m at a loss.

  2. I really hope you guys do a show on how to disagree respectfully. This was so eye opening to me about when the hormones flood in. This happened to my son already. I noticed the change, I’ve been bringing it up to my husband. But now even my 8 year old daughter is showing signs of change in attitude, the dramatic outburst of emotion, all very suddenly with little to no explanation except that runs are beginning to change in her. But, thanks for these eye opening sessions. I am grateful for this wonderful insight! Please keep these coming!

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