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making reading easierMaking Reading Easier by Dr. Jan Bedell


A prerequisite to reading using the phonics approach is a good auditory processing ability (auditory short term memory).  If processing is not well developed, reading with phonics past three letter words can be next to impossible.  Don’t go buy another phonics program!  It isn’t the phonics program that is the issue, it is the processing that causes the difficulty.  You will learn what to do when phonics is not working and how to prepare the brain to be able to use phonics in the future.

When you work on this auditory processing skill and the others mentioned above, it can be instrumental in reducing the symptoms of dyslexia and other reading challenges.  Specific techniques to make reading easier are taught in this session. You will also understand how to improve reading comprehension.

Be sure to get the handout attached for information and discounts.

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