MBFLP 90 – Boys and Noise

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Got boys? Then probably, you’ve got noise! This week we turn to a reader’s question about how to manage the volume (and tone!) of her energetic houseful of boys … four of them, eight and under. We’ve been there, and we’ll talk about the difference between simple boyishness and the things that actually need discipline, how to distinguish between fun and bullying, and more — join us!


  1. Oh my can I relate. I’m pregnant wih #6 (don’t know gender yet), I have 5 boys aged 6, 4, 3, 22mo, almost 10mo…. Definitely feel like I’m drowning.

  2. Thank you! This was helpful in discerning misbehavior and normal boyishness. Also, I realized I need to clarify and reinforce the house rules about how we treat one another. I guess I am in for many years of noise, praise be to God for healthy rambunctious boys :).

  3. Thank you, Hal and Melanie, for another extremely real and helpful session! We’ve read your book on raising boys, and heard you speak many times. Always such a huge blessing to this Mom of four boys, all 8 and under 🙂 Thank you for allowing the Lord to use in such a powerful way!

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