MBFLP – Summertime Safety – Ticks, Lyme, and All That

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MBFLP - Summer Safety Part 2 Ticks Lyme Disease More
Continuing last episode’s discussion about preparing to enjoy the summer safely, this time we’ll share a surprising discovery we made last summer – and a change in attitude we’ve made concerning a common pest. The times have changed for some insect-borne illnesses, and we’ll share some of our hard-won experience to encourage you to avoid a similiar fate!


  1. Hal & Malanie! Thank you for speaking about Lyme disease. It is truly the new epidemic. My entire family of 6 have been living with chronic Lyme and Coinfections for over 8 years. None of us had the classic bullseye or flu symptoms and only 2 saw a tick. A few things about your talk, ILADS recommends antibiotics for every tick bite. Lyme and Cos can be passed to another through bodily fluids as well as from Mother to child. Long term antibiotics for chronic Lyme can be helpful but generally push the bacteria further into the body and tissues. Generally combining with herbs or alternative treatment is the best option. I began a blog to share info and our journey with Chronic Lyme. God bless!

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