Online Educational Thanksgiving Activities

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Online Educational Thanksgiving Activities

Episode 61: Online Educational Thanksgiving Activities

Here are the online educational Thanksgiving activities mentioned in this episode. Be sure to listen to learn more about each one.

Before you start, spend some time getting to understand what the first Thanksgiving was really like from sources like this one online and the book, Lies my Teacher Told Me.

1. A Virtual Thanksgiving Field Trip

Scholastic has a great website that allows you to take a tour of the Mayflower, cross the ocean on it, and see what life was like then through re-enactments and historical fiction letters.

2.Investigating the First Thanksgiving

Be a detective and investigate the first Thanksgiving in this online Thanksgiving activity. Wampanoag and a colonist
primary sources Read or listen
writing activity

3. Hyperdoc: Why did the Pilgrim and Wampanoag friendship go so wrong?

Hyperdocs lead students through a topic. In this one, they will watch videos, read articles, create a timeline and reflect on what they are learning.

3. Mapping the Thanksgiving Dinner

This is a unique map that shows where your Thanksgiving dinner components are likely to come from!

4. Thanksgiving challenge

Seat the people at this Thanksgiving dinner near things they like – a fun online logic problem.

5. Thanksgiving-themed digital breakouts

To learn more about digital breakouts, listen to episode 14. You can find a variety of free and paid ones on the Teachers Pay Teachers store.

6. Great Thanksgiving Listen

The Great Thanksgiving Listen is an easy way for people of all ages to collect oral histories as you gather with friends and family over the holiday. Download the free StoryCorps App and once the interview is done you can upload it to the Library of Congress!

And for some offline Thanksgiving fun, be sure to grab show sponsor, FundaFunda Academy’s Thanksgiving Draw game. If you listen to the episode you will get a coupon code that will allow you to get it free until the end of November 2019.

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