Organizing Einstein: Enhancing the Abilities of the Gifted Learner Part 2

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gifted learnerOrganizing Einstein: Enhancing the Abilities of the Gifted Learner

Part Two – with Dr. Jan Bedell

In part two, the Brain Coach continues the workshop on staying ahead of that voracious appetite for new ideas and expanded content that comes with a gifted learner.  Additionally, the concept of teaching with frequency, intensity and duration to accelerate learning and make academics more effective is expanded in part two.

In this podcast, we will discuss the importance of all learning channels working well because each channel is designed to process particular types of information.  For example, the best channel for math facts is the auditory system.  After listening to the podcast, you will understand why today’s children are having such a hard time learning their math facts because of our cultural practice of drill without giving enough input.  The Rapid Recall System for mastery of math facts makes math assignments easier and changes mental math abilities for gifted, typical or struggling learners for a lifetime.

Look for examples of Montessori-inspired unit studies to improve general knowledge, visual discrimination, and reading skills.  For example, teaching around a common theme like animals of a certain country or region can expand to include geography, climates, science and more. Pictures of these unit study projects are included in your handout.

Learn how simple activities can accelerate auditory and visual processing (short term memory) and aid an already gifted child to higher functional ability. Storing information in the correct hemisphere of the brain makes for quick retrieval. Two specific ways that information gets to long term memory, visualization and conceptualization, are brought to light during this session. Included in this discussion are ways to improve visualization specifically (see handout). 

Don’t miss the handout attached here with links to pertinent information and discounts.

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